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JLD’s Complex 4 Kettlebell Workout

  JLD‘s Complex 4 Kettlebell  So here’s JLD’s Complex 4 Kettlebell workout as promised. This isn’t going to be a very long blog. Just a list of the Kettlebell exercise’s and a brief overview of the workout. This is to show how easy it can be to change up your workout between one resistance training method to another. See the Barbell version below. ... Read More »

JLD’s Complex 4 Workout

JLD’s Complex 4 workout So what is a complex workout? To put it simply its a group of exercise’s put together in a routine that will help you burn fat and build strength that are far from complex to do but very effective. There are many ways of doing this and JLD’s Complex 4 workout is one of these ways. As in ... Read More »

Kettlebell Metabolic 2

This workout was designed that you need nothing else other than your kettlebell. It is adaptable that you can do it as a strength work out or a kettlebell metabolic pyramid workout or even as interval training like Tabata or ratio intervals which can help improve your Obla (onset of blood lactate accumulation or anaerobic threshold) which without getting to technical ... Read More »

The Kettlebell 10

The kettlebell 10 are the 10 exercise’s I started using when I first started training with kettlebells. These exercises get you use to holding the bell with different grips working with the bell above your head and working with the bell on the ground. These exercises can be easily modified to adjust to your fitness or skill levels (made easier ... Read More »

Kettlebell Metabolic Pyramid Workout

Kettlebell Metabolic Pyramid workout I’ve gone over the Pro’s and Con’s of HIIT’s (High intensity interval training) in the link below so take a look at that before trying this workout. This kettlebell work out is designed to increase you metabolic rate so you continue to burn fat at a higher rate hours after your workout (EPOC). This is a 20minute 5 exercise ... Read More »

20 Minute Kettlebell Workout (with free download)

20 minute full body kettle bell workout Cardio, Resistance and Core training in one. Please note although this is a 20 minute workout you will need to warm up prior to doing this workout. You can download the free printable PDF session plan with coaching tips by clicking the link below no need to go to the download page. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ... Read More »

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