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So what is JLD365?

Well JLD365 is a way of implementing exercise in to your weekly routine and then making it a everyday occurrence instead of using exercise as a corrective measure that you rebound from.

Finding the time.

I don’t want to go on too much about this as I don’t want to preach. If you want to improve your lifestyle and fitness level you will find the time but sometimes the time isn’t always right or exercise isn’t a priority for you. I know I’ve been there and this is partly why I’ve come up with the idea of JLD365.

As I changed jobs and became less active, moved house with my family getting bigger and priorities changing. Exercise in my life became more or less  non existent.  Which has lead me to put on weight, I got ill more often and started getting aches and pains, which all got me down. Which if you don’t get some sort of exercise (or are at least active) will happen to you or is happening to you.

To start JLD365 all you have to do is commit 60/80 minutes a week to exercise (to be honest if this is to much anything will do to start and the 60/80 minutes doesn’t have to be in one go and can be as little as 4 minutes to start with).

Let me quickly put that in perspective, if you work a 50 hour week and sleep 8 hours a night that’s still only 1-2% of your time. I’m feeling hypocritical as I’m writing this because I did struggle to get in 60 minutes at first and if it weren’t for my martial arts club I wouldn’t have got any exercise.

So why listen to what I’m saying?

A lot of people that promote fitness and healthier life styles live and breath in that industry so their work is working out and its a pay day for them. They benefit from promoting a certain type of workout. Unlike them I do this for free and JLD365 can incorporates all work out methods and active lifestyle choices. I also work a 50 hour week, desk based job so I need to get my exercise else where and have to fit it in around my life style like most of you will have to as well.

So the time and how and where I workout is important like it will be for you. To start me back working out properly again I broke my workouts into a 40 minutes and a 20 minute workout on top of my club training.  (one was to get my shape and posture back the other was to help burn fat which you will see later when I explain how JLD365 works). I like to work out from home with free weights and always have. You will need to find what suits you. But JLD has workout’s that can be done mostly anywhere with in reason.

I started watching a lot of TV series when I weren’t training properly but what I realised was they where roughly 40 minutes long each episode. So instead of not watching them and working out, I did my work out at the same time as watching them. I knew then I was working out for 40 minutes and this kept me on track. I did something similar for the 20 minute workouts. I realised that I had stopped listening to music so I put together some 20 minute play lists I liked to work out to. Which was a kind of a reward while I worked out.

So how does JLD365 work?

JLD365 is broken into 3 goal area’s.

  1. Body composition- BODY
  2. Fat loss- MIND
  3. Aerobic- BREATH

 As a beginner you commit to 60/80 minutes (but anything is better than nothing this is just a guild line) a week then after 6 weeks you move to intermediate and increase to 90/100 minutes then 6 weeks after that you can move on to advanced which is 2 hours +. Once you have reached your goal you can use the beginner stage to maintain your gains. In each goal area you have different ways of working out and a time to do it in. You then get a weighting depending on what type of workout you choose. Generally you will get the time in minutes that you work out. Because we are working in minutes and some of the workout styles don’t see as much benefit in that goal area as others will in that time frame, you are weighted to balance your results.

Fat loss Example: Both HIIT (High intensity interval training) and SSC (steady state cardio) are great ways of burning fat, but 20 minutes of HIIT will burn more fat/calories than 20 minutes of SSC. So SSC is weighted less than HIIT. But it would be wrong of me to removed SSC from this routine just because it doesn’t fit the numbers correctly. It just means that if you prefer SCC or its your only option then you’ll have to find a bit more time to workout to earn your minutes.

Setting your Goals.

 When you decide to make a life style change you need to set your goals and understand why you want to do it. This helps motivate you going forward.

For me it was simple.  I don’t compete no more or have to get to a certain weight to fight so I had lost my motivation and goal to train. But I had always been in good shape and had a half decent level of fitness. So what drove me was the fact that when exerting myself playing with my son or sparring at the club I was getting out of breath easily and had to stop. The belly slowly crept up on me and it weren’t fun looking in the mirror any more. All this effected my mood and my outlook which lead to a vicious circle of not having the motivation to train.

So my goal to train now is to keep me focused and motivated and fit enough to train at club level and play with my son with out getting out of breath. To reduce my body fat % and maintain this week in week out. Hence JLD365.

For your goal or what drives you to start training, might be something else but JLD365 will help you with this by keeping your workouts short but effective.

 Using JLD365 with your Goals.

As I said earlier JLD365 has 3 Goal areas and a time to do them in. They overlaps in there benefits hence the circles on the logo, so training just in body composition will have fat loss benefits. As training in fat loss will have benefits in body composition and aerobic fitness and aerobic fitness in fat loss.

The only thing is that other than SSC you can’t do 2 workouts in one day

These are 40 minute workouts. Generally full body which will help your body posture, strength and endurance and how your body looks.

(That includes you ladies, lifting weight improves your body shape which doesn’t mean bulky. Not exercising will make you bulky)

 Depending on the rep range you use, you might have to break your workout into 2 different workouts to do each workout with in 40 minutes and cover the full body approach

When it comes to fat lost and losing weight its a very psychological and you have to have the right mind set. This is why this section is labelled MIND and has 2 different training methods to help make it easier to take them first steps.

The 2 different approaches are HIIT and SSC. As I mentioned earlier and in some of my posts HIIT training can put the body under immense strain and its not always suitable for everyone or sometimes beginners. Where SSC is slow a steady and suitable for nearly everyone. But this approach can be boring and tedious if you don’t like that sort of workout and takes a longer workout to burn as many calories. Although each approach burns calories in a different way (but that’s for another time.) you will burn more calories using HIIT in the same time period  as using SSC that is why they are weighted differently.

HIIT- Other than our Tabata workouts (which we will talk about in a minute) all our HIIT fat burning workouts are 20 minutes.

SSC- With SSC you can do this for as long as you like but you only get 40% of the minutes that you work out for. So if you work out for 60 minutes only 24 count towards your total minutes that week. This may seem unfair but this is the ratio difference that fat burns between HIIT and SSC. But remember it doesn’t matter what you are doing you are still doing something. On the flip side to that if you have an active life style where you walk to work, play football at the weekend or take an aerobics class this can all go towards your weekly minutes. This is the beauty of JLD365 you can do what ever workout you like and fit them in to this principle of maintaining an healthy life style.

This section focus’s on improving your aerobic health. We use 2 approaches. A 4 minute Tabata work out and a 10 minute high intensive cardio work out. For each approach you get 10 minutes towards you weekly total as the Tabata protocol is a really effective way of improving aerobic fitness.


Planning your workout to your goals using JLD365

When I started doing this again I wanted to correct my posture because of the aches and pain and lose some fat around my waist. I started right back as a beginner so I didn’t over do it and have a negative effect mentally on my training where I felt I couldn’t do it any more. Which is important when you start training, don’t be put off if you don’t see result instantly as change happens internally first. Also don’t go head first into training and over do it and burn yourself out. Slowly build up and make it a part of your lifestyle.

Your better starting at 20 minutes a week and finishing training a 60 minute week. Than starting a 60 minute week and giving up after 3 weeks because you’ve burnt yourself out.

So because I wanted to correct my posture and lose some fat around my waist I started at committing 60 minutes a week. 40 minutes to body comp and 20 minutes with a fat loss HIIT work out. Which when I started, didn’t feel right as I weren’t enjoying the 20 minutes workout. So I changed them to two 40 minute workouts and sorted my posture out first.  Then moved on from there and have probably changed how I workout about 3 more times since then.

So with JLD365  you can mix and match to suit you as long as you are meeting your weekly minutes.

As life change’s or your goal’s change or you just want a different type of workout you can do this with JLD365.

For any tip’s or advise please email me at Daniel@JLDfitness.co.uk




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