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JLD’s Complex 4 Kettlebell Workout

  JLD‘s Complex 4 Kettlebell  So here’s JLD’s Complex 4 Kettlebell workout as promised. This isn’t going to be a very long blog. Just a list of the Kettlebell exercise’s and a brief overview of the workout. This is to show how easy it can be to change up your workout between one resistance training method to another. See the Barbell version below. ... Read More »

JLD’s Complex 4 Workout

JLD’s Complex 4 workout So what is a complex workout? To put it simply its a group of exercise’s put together in a routine that will help you burn fat and build strength that are far from complex to do but very effective. There are many ways of doing this and JLD’s Complex 4 workout is one of these ways. As in ... Read More »

JLD 645 Split set workout

JLD 645 Split Set Workout This is going to be a quick post about using split sets.  Split set are generally used once you feel you can’t get any more out from your full body workouts and need to break that workout up over 2 or more workouts so you can train harder with out going catabolic. This could be for ... Read More »


JLD365 Body, Mind, Breath So what is JLD365? Well JLD365 is a way of implementing exercise in to your weekly routine and then making it a everyday occurrence instead of using exercise as a corrective measure that you rebound from. Finding the time. I don’t want to go on too much about this as I don’t want to preach. If you want ... Read More »

Kettlebell Metabolic 2

This workout was designed that you need nothing else other than your kettlebell. It is adaptable that you can do it as a strength work out or a kettlebell metabolic pyramid workout or even as interval training like Tabata or ratio intervals which can help improve your Obla (onset of blood lactate accumulation or anaerobic threshold) which without getting to technical ... Read More »

Double kettlebell Strength workout

Double kettlebell strength workout I designed this work out to replace the bench and barbell workout I added previously when I needed the space indoors that the bench and weights were taking up and thought I might as well make more use of the kettlebell set because they weren’t cheap.  Which lead’s me to some pros and cons of kettlebell VS’s free weights ... Read More »

RAW Combat Essex

RAW Combat Essex Click the picture to COME GET SOME of the RAW Combat Essex Facebook page Read More »

The Kettlebell 10

The kettlebell 10 are the 10 exercise’s I started using when I first started training with kettlebells. These exercises get you use to holding the bell with different grips working with the bell above your head and working with the bell on the ground. These exercises can be easily modified to adjust to your fitness or skill levels (made easier ... Read More »

The New Self Defence Approach

I’ve always prided myself on my self-defence syllabus and its content and how it has developed over the years. The content has always been there but I’ve always struggled with what content to put where and what terminology to use to get my point understood correctly without getting too complicated. Its ok knowing what you want to teach but getting ... Read More »

Bench and Barbell workout fullbody

 Bench and Barbell full body workout. The pros and cons of full body work out. You can use the following workout for any goal range, all you have to do is change the rep range you use and always work to failure. This will mean changing the weight lifted. Please remember always warm up before a work out and cool down after. Strength gains = 4-6 ... Read More »

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