JLD’s Rules and Principles for Self-Defence

JLD’s Rules and Principles for Self-Defence

 JLD’s Rules and Principles for Self-Defence

Manage the risks will reduce the chance of dealing with a threat


1. Don’t be there

If you are there

2. Get out of there

If you can’t get out of there

3. Do whatever you have to, to get out safe

R.A.T.C.A.B- The principles

 RATCAB wording

Click on the links below to get more information on the R.A.T.C.A.B priciples, Personal safety tips, Dealing with the 4 stages of self defence,Dealing with fear and its effects and precursors to violent behaviour

RATCAB PrinciplesPersonal safety tipsThe 4 stages of Self DefenceDealing with fear and knowing its effectsPrecursors to violent behaviours

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