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NEW Self-Defence Course

Self-Defence Beginners Syllabus R.A.T.C.A.B and the Rules Skills- Ability- Intent Risk Management. Personal safety tips, Precursors to violent behaviours , Controlling fears and its effects, 4 stage stages of self-defence and the law Threat Management. Range- Spotting threats, Body Language and personal space Fence- Choosing a fence when your personal space is breached along with verbal defence to protect yourself ... Read More »

K.E.E.P Safe kids protection

             JLD K.E.E.P Safe Program KIDS ESCAPE EVADE PROTECT Survival Academy for Kids      Course Outline Learn to survive Survival Principles-Rules for Keeping safe How to fall safely Stances and striking Takedowns Hold Escapes Car Escapes Lures and tricks Scenario based training JLD’s K.E.E.P safe program is designed specifically for younger children using anti abductions techniques incorporated into games and scenarios to ... Read More »

Jiujitsu and Grapperling Syllabus

RED BELT CONTENT Throws Hip throw Body Drop Inside Hook Recumbrant ankle throw Locks/Techniques Straight arm lock (from punch to stomach) Straight arm shoulder lock (back hammer style) Breaking front strangles x2 Breaking Rear strangles x2 Take downs Single leg Double leg Rear double leg after taking back Ground work Escape mount trap and roll, achieve mount from side control drill ... Read More »

Kettlebell Trainer, classes will be coming soon.

  Is now a certified kettlebell trainer, classes will be coming soon. Read More »

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