JLD’s Complex 4 Workout

JLD’s Complex 4 Workout

JLD’s Complex 4 workout

So what is a complex workout?

To put it simply its a group of exercise’s put together in a routine that will help you burn fat and build strength that are far from complex to do but very effective.

There are many ways of doing this and JLD’s Complex 4 workout is one of these ways.

As in a lot of our workouts it is a full body approach that takes 20 minutes to complete, using 5 simple exercises.

I’ve used 5 exercises deliberately so you can interchange them with the other workouts on this site like the metabolic pyramid work out below.

Metobolic Pyramid

Metabolic Pyramid Workout

So how do I do the complex 4 workout?

So, firstly this is a Barbell workout but I’ve chosen 5 exercise’s that have versions across different types of resistance training methods. So you can do this with the resistance training method you prefer.

ie. Barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, resistance band, Bulgarian bag ect.

So what are the exercise’s?

  1. Push ups -(while holding the bar)
  2. Bent over rows
  3. Dead lift
  4. Clean and Shoulder press
  5. Back Squat

 So how does the routine work?

So the starting point for this routine is that you can do 10 reps of each exercise and recover to start again within 4 minutes and you do this for 5 rounds, hence the 20 minute work out.

So in each 4 minute round you do all exercise’s and active rest with in that period.

E.g. So if it takes you 2 minutes to do all 50 reps then you have 2 minutes rest. But if it takes you 3 minutes then you’ll only get 1 minutes rest and vice versa.

so on every 4th minute you start the routine again.

So what do I need to do the Complex 4 workout?

All you need is the resistance method of your choice and a 4 minute countdown timer which you can get via an app or use a timer like a gym boss and set it to go off every 4 minutes.

As a tip but its not required I would print out or write the exercise’s on piece of paper because after the 3rd round you’ll be concentrating more on breathing than the order off the exercises.

Modifying and Advancing this work out.

As I said 10 rep’s per exercise is a starting point for this workout.

If you are finding it too easy or too hard you can modify or advance the exercises by increasing or decreasing the weight you are using and stick to the 10 reps.

If changing the weight isn’t an option due to the resistance method you are using then increase or decrease the reps range you are using.

There are also ways of modifying and advancing each exercise but for now I won’t go into these, but if for any reason you can’t do one of the exercise’s then replace it with another that is suitable.

Working with a partner

If you have someone to train with then this routine becomes even better, forget the 4 minutes altogether and use your partners work out time as your rest period and they use your workout time for there rest and do this for 5 rounds. Even if you prefer different methods of training or are at different fitness level’s you can still do this together and use your preferred method /weight/rep range and they can use there’s.

Thanks for taking the time to read this please like and share. 😉

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