JLD’s Complex 4 Kettlebell Workout

JLD’s Complex 4 Kettlebell Workout


JLD‘s Complex 4 Kettlebell

 So here’s JLD’s Complex 4 Kettlebell workout as promised.

This isn’t going to be a very long blog. Just a list of the Kettlebell exercise’s and a brief overview of the workout. This is to show how easy it can be to change up your workout between one resistance training method to another. See the Barbell version below.

Also it will give you an idea how to adapt your exercise’s and workout to modify and advance your training.

So there are a couple of change’s how to do this workout with a Kettlebell compared to the Barbell. This doesn’t mean one workout is better than the other its just a different variation.

So with a Kettlebell like Dumbbells you are able to workout each side separately. This gives us the advantage of being able to alternate an exercise each side if we want to and be able to play with the rep range and weight to modify or advance a workout.

Example 1 – Change the Rep Range

Say you wanted to change your training areas and focus a bit more on strength gains. You don’t have to change the workout just the reps range, So by keeping the same workout and keeping it to 10 reps an excercise but alternating each side and adjusting the weight to suit, You get a 5 reps strength workout in the same time period.

Example 2 – Modifying the exercise

You can advance any workout to make it harder by modifying the exercise. If we take the Deadlift in this workout for example. A Deadlift is one of the biggest lifts you can do, But with the weight you are using in this workout it’s unlikely you are seeing the full benefit if you use the standard Deadlift approach. Where if you were to use say the single leg version of this exercise with the same weight you would see better results.

 So back to the workout and the exercises.

The same principle works with this workout as the barbell version, You have 4 minutes to do all your reps and rest before you start again. If you are unsure please read through the workout by using the link above.

You still use the 10 reps per exercise as a starting point like the barbell version, But you might have to adjust the weight or even reps range accordingly for your fitness level, due to the alternating from side to side on some of the exercise’s.


  • Narrow grip push up’s hold the bell handle
  • Alternating high pulls or bent over rows
  • Single leg deadlifts
  • Alternating Clean and Press
  • Goblet Squats – (To Advance do single leg version or Sumo squat with shoulder raise)


I hope you enjoy this Kettlebell variation of JLD’s Complex 4

To see and help you with building a life style routine please see the JLD365 link below.

 Thanks again for reading. 😉

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