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The New Self Defence Approach

I’ve always prided myself on my self-defence syllabus and its content and how it has developed over the years. The content has always been there but I’ve always struggled with what content to put where and what terminology to use to get my point understood correctly without getting too complicated. Its ok knowing what you want to teach but getting ... Read More »

JLD’s Rules and Principles for Self-Defence

 JLD’s Rules and Principles for Self-Defence Manage the risks will reduce the chance of dealing with a threat THE RULES 1. Don’t be there If you are there 2. Get out of there If you can’t get out of there 3. Do whatever you have to, to get out safe R.A.T.C.A.B- The principles   Click on the links below to ... Read More »

Personal safety Tips- Risk Management – Mind Set

kids safety

Personal safety tips- Risk Management-Mind Set Manage the risks will reduce the chance of you dealing with a threat. You are safest in bright, well lit and busy areas Never take short cuts at night. Stick to well-lit main routes Get your cash out of the cash point during daylight hours if you are going out in the evening Try ... Read More »

R.A.T.C.A.B-The How’s and Why’s of the principles for the JLD self-defence system

The How’s and Why’s of the principles for the JLD self-defence system R.A.T.C.A.B Remove Attack, Take Control, Attack Back. I’ll start with the abbreviation R.A.T.C.A.B it doesn’t evoke fear and sounds funny but it’s not designed for that it’s designed to be easily remembered like the self defence system it’s the foundation for, being dyslexic I try and keep everything simple ... Read More »

Dealing with fear and knowing its effects

Dealing with fear and knowing its effects The feeling of fear is caused by the body releasing adrenaline when perceiving a threat. This could be anything from public speaking, seeing a spider, doing a bungee jump or a life threatening situation. The brain can’t tell the difference it just knows you’re worried about something so realises the adrenaline. Identifying some of ... Read More »

Precursors to violent behaviours

Precursors to violent behaviours These are signs that an individual will give off before they attack you which could give you the advantage and stop the fight before it begins by being pre emptive or gives you a chance to get away. Frowning of the eye. This is so the attacker protects their eyes as they attack. Staring through you ... Read More »

The 4 stages of self defence

The 4 stages of self-defence White You are unaware of your surroundings, day dreaming or lost in thought listening to music and distracted which makes you vulnerable and open for attack. You look like a victim and an easy target. No matter who you are. Yellow This is were you want to be. You are unworried, but attentive you are ... Read More »

NEW Self-Defence Course

Self-Defence Beginners Syllabus R.A.T.C.A.B and the Rules Skills- Ability- Intent Risk Management. Personal safety tips, Precursors to violent behaviours , Controlling fears and its effects, 4 stage stages of self-defence and the law Threat Management. Range- Spotting threats, Body Language and personal space Fence- Choosing a fence when your personal space is breached along with verbal defence to protect yourself ... Read More »

Jiujitsu and Grapperling Syllabus

RED BELT CONTENT Throws Hip throw Body Drop Inside Hook Recumbrant ankle throw Locks/Techniques Straight arm lock (from punch to stomach) Straight arm shoulder lock (back hammer style) Breaking front strangles x2 Breaking Rear strangles x2 Take downs Single leg Double leg Rear double leg after taking back Ground work Escape mount trap and roll, achieve mount from side control drill ... Read More »

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