The 4 stages of self defence

The 4 stages of self defence

The 4 stages of self-defence


You are unaware of your surroundings, day dreaming or lost in thought listening to music and distracted which makes you vulnerable and open for attack. You look like a victim and an easy target. No matter who you are.


This is were you want to be.

You are unworried, but attentive you are aware of your surroundings and people around you. You are walking with confidence and purpose relaxed and self confident. This posture make you look less like an easy target and allows you to spot threats and avoid them this is not 100 % you still could be attacked if the attacker is desperate enough.

Orange-Risk Management

You are aware of possible dangers, threats or attacks or already engaged in conversation. If you have any self defence protection you should have it ready now. Your senses will be on full alert and deep breathing should have begun getting you ready to act instantly if needed.

Red- Threat Management

Imminent danger is present or you’re already being attacked or blind sided. Your fight or flight response has kicked in and you should have reacted the best way to defend yourself.

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