NEW  Self-Defence Course

NEW Self-Defence Course


Self-Defence Beginners Syllabus

R.A.T.C.A.B and the Rules

Skills- Ability- Intent

Risk Management.

Personal safety tips, Precursors to violent behaviours , Controlling fears and its effects, 4 stage stages of self-defence and the law

Threat Management.

Range- Spotting threats, Body Language and personal space

Fence- Choosing a fence when your personal space is breached along with verbal defence to protect yourself

Stance- Keeping it in the box, Alignment of strength, How to move effectively, Striking from stance with targets of opportunity, Voluntary and involuntary response

Lines of attack and keeping it simple- Explain lines of attack, Fighting from the inside and outside, using your bodies automatic response and the 3 R’s Remove, Redirect and Reduce.

Reference points- Inside and outside reference points, Removing the attackers weapons and strengths while maximising yours, Using reference points to help striking, Basic balance and control points.

This will be all backed up with pressure testing and drills.


Self-Defence Intermediate Syllabus

Close Quarters Protection

Restraints, Controls, Locks (Locking Drills, Standing Grappling Drills)
Off balancing Techniques
Advanced Control and Balance points
Single arm manipulation
Close Quarters striking
Dealing with Headlocks, Bear hugs , Rear chokes and Weapon pulls

Balance points 2

Self-Defence Advanced 1 Syllabus
Grounded and Pinned

Strangles from different positions on the ground
Defence against kicks and stomps whilst on the ground
Defence against attacks whilst sitting
Defence against attacks whilst against a wall- pinned
(Face first and back against wall inc. back arm holds, bar chokes, throat grabs)
3rd party defence
Multiple attacker theory and scenario training
Reality training and pressure testing


Self-Defence Advanced 2 Syllabus
Weapon use and defence

Targets of opportunities for effective striking and restraint and how they effect the body.
Real life scenario’s and pressure testing
Assistant coach course if continuing to instructors certificate
Use of every day items as weapons for defensive purpose
The law and legal alternatives for below weapons
Use of Kubotans
Use of Scarf
Use of Baton
Use of Jo (Stick)

Going over the fundamentals and physiological effects.

Defence against weapons
Defence against Knife / Bottle attacks
Defence against Knife threats
Defence against Baseball bat / Stick/ long weapons
Defence against Gun threats

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