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Kettlebell Metabolic 2

This workout was designed that you need nothing else other than your kettlebell. It is adaptable that you can do it as a strength work out or a kettlebell metabolic pyramid workout or even as interval training like Tabata or ratio intervals which can help improve your Obla (onset of blood lactate accumulation or anaerobic threshold) which without getting to technical ... Read More »

The Kettlebell 10

The kettlebell 10 are the 10 exercise’s I started using when I first started training with kettlebells. These exercises get you use to holding the bell with different grips working with the bell above your head and working with the bell on the ground. These exercises can be easily modified to adjust to your fitness or skill levels (made easier ... Read More »

The 4 minute TRX Tabata Ab workout

Before I show the 4 minute TRX Tabata Ab workout I will give you a brief history of Tabata and its effects and some Pro’s and Con’s of this type of training. So what is Tabata? Tabata training was discovered by a Japanese Scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and his research team at the National Institute of Fitness and sport in ... Read More »

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