Jiujitsu and Grapperling Syllabus

Jiujitsu and Grapperling Syllabus




Hip throw
Body Drop
Inside Hook
Recumbrant ankle throw


Straight arm lock (from punch to stomach)
Straight arm shoulder lock (back hammer style)
Breaking front strangles x2
Breaking Rear strangles x2

Take downs

Single leg
Double leg
Rear double leg after taking back

Ground work

Escape mount trap and roll, achieve mount from side control drill


How to punch/kick correctly
Break falls/matt etiquette




Half shoulder
Full shoulder
Scissors and naked choke


Wrist locks
Arm lock from standing position x 2
Shoulder arm lock x 2

Take downs

T stance x3
Snatch to spine lock
Single leg barrel roll

Ground work

Escape the mount shrimp to guard
i) scissor sweep counter
ii) sweep from arm triangle roll
3 point death triangle

Striking/Blocking/Pressure Points

S block to heart 2
Triple warmer (ribs)
Lung 9, Li 5 from grab




Cross hock
Dropping full shoulder
Several ways of throwing a person from behind


Back hammer lock x2
Escapes when held in different positions x4
Defence against rear naked choke standing
Head chancery

Take downs

Front/rear scoops (both methods)
Scoop throw (sukui nage)
Straight arm drag to choke to takedown
Bent Arm elbow twist to choke to takedown

Ground work

Sankaku Jime theory (Triangle guard/Rubber guard)
Sankaku Jime to Ashi Sankaku Garami
Defence against kicks and stomps whilst on the ground x4

Striking/Blocking/Pressure Points

Voice box (chicken wing neck)
Pressure point on calf and triple heater 12
Artery on leg- SP11
Explain the movement/control points on the body (hips, shoulders, head etc)
Defence against kicks (front/side/round house)




Dropping body drop x3
Shoulder/hip variations
Throwing Combination


12 lock drill
Defence against knife
Baton Techniques x4
Escapes from full and half nelsons
Escapes from head locks x3

Take downs

Rear throw
Rice bale ( 2 finshes)

Ground work

Break strangles whilst on ground
Half guard theory

Striking/Blocking/Pressure Points

15 points and affects combined with block/striking techniques
Line work/Randori/Bagwork/ One step kumite




Inner/outer winding
Front/rear/inside sweeps
Head, hip, knee
Throwing Counters


Counters to:
Back hammer
Straight arm lock
Back arm collar
Arm manipulation drill

Take downs

Falling heel hook
Sambo roll with lock throw
Inner leg take down

Ground work

10 techniques from different position
Leg Locks

Striking/Blocking/Pressure Points

Attacking eyes/ears/throat/nose
Demo with technique, front/side/round house kick
Linework/Randori/Bagwork/One step kumite




15 Throws from black belt
Arm shoulder throw
Stomach throw
One handed throws


Falcon lock with throw
Shoulder dislocation
Escapes from two hands held from behind x2 and from front x2
Indian death lock

Ground work

20 techniques

Striking/Blocking/Pressure Points

10 combos of students choice
Use of baton x6
Wave forming
Flinch reflex
Bag work/One step kumite/Randori



1. 30 set throw’s student to submit entry and exit moves. (35 throw’s available)

2. 30 ground work techniques examiner to call out any 20 at random.

3. 5 combination throws of student to choice.

4. 5 counters to throws of student’s choice.

5. 6 Knife defence and 6 Baton techniques and 6 Kubotan Techniques

6. Drills
a) 12 lock drill
b) Arm Manipulation drill
c) Ground work drills
Drill 1-Escape mount trap and roll, pass guard, achieve mount from side control.
Drill 2- Escape the mount shrimp to guard
Drill 3- i) scissor sweep counter
ii) sweep from attempted arm bar
Drill 4- Flow drill

3 point death triangle
Sankaku Jime to Ashi Sankaku Garami
7. Show 20 pressure points/nerve point/ attack points on body and describe the effects that attacking these points would have on the body.

8. 10 punch, kick combinations of student choice.

9. Bag work to show kicks, punches, elbows, knees ECT.

10. Randori (random attacks) and ground work



1. Hip throw – O Goshi

2. Spring Hip- Hane Goshi

3.Outer winding-  Outer Maki Komi

4.Inner winding –Inner Maki Komi

5.Sweeping hip- Harai O Goshi

6. Head, hip and knee

7.Body drop- Tai Otoshi

8.Reverse body drop

9.Dropping version of  body drop

10.Reverse dropping version of body drop

11.Doulble sleeve throw variation- Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi

12.Shoulder throw- Ippon Seoi Nage

13.Lapple shoulder throw- Morote Seoi Nage

14.Half shoulder

15.Shoulder Wheel- Kata Guruma

16.Doulble arm shoulder throw

17.Shoulder crash

18.Inner thigh throw- Uchi Mata

19.Leg throw

20.Double ankle shoulder thrust

21. Leg Wheel- Ashi Guruma

22.Stomach throw- Tomoe Nage

23.Rear throw- Ura Nage

24.Flying scissors- Kani Basami

25.Corner reversal- Sumi Gaeshi or Yoko Sumi Gaeshi

26.Side drop- Yoko Gake

27.Rice bale

28.Knee wheel

29.Large inner reaping- O Uchi Gari

30.large otter reaping- O Soto Gari

31.Foot sweep- De Ashi Bari

32.Drawing ankle

33.Rear Scoop

34.Front scoop

35.Scoop throw- Sukui Nage


30 Groundwork techniques
Examiner to call any 20 at random

Half guard
1.Foot sweep
2.Leg lock to calf crank
3.Arm triangle

The Mount-Tate-Shiho-Gatme
1.Shin choke
2.Leg triangle
3.Compressor arm lock

Side control- Yoko-Shiho-Gatme
1.Inverted triangle
2.Around the world from shoulder lock defence
3.Darce strangle

Ushiro-Kesa-Gatme (Twisted side control)
1. Arm lock
2.Leg lock using Leg Control
3.Shoulder arm lock- Ude Garami

The Guard- Dō-osae-Trunk Hold
1.Sweep to mount
2.Arm lock- Hiza Gatame
3.Straight arm lock

Sankaku Jime-Triangle Strangle-(Rubber guard)
1.Shin choke
2.Triangle choke
3.Back hammer lock (stack defence)

Yoko Ude Garmai- Side figure 4 control(Arm entanglement)
1.Arm Crush
2.Triangle strangle
3.Arm lock

Ashi Sankaku Garami- Leg Triangle entanglement
1.Shoulder lock
2.Ankle lock
3.Arm lock from roll

Sprawl control
1.Peruvian neck tie
2.Twisted arm lock from leg grab
3.Rear naked choke from single leg grab

Back control
1.Rear naked choke from back control
2.Arm lock from failed RNC
3.Sweep to Yoko Ude Garami

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