K.E.E.P Safe kids protection

K.E.E.P Safe kids protection

K.E.E.P Safe



JLD K.E.E.P Safe Program


Survival Academy for Kids

     Course Outline

  • Learn to survive
  • Survival Principles-Rules for Keeping safe
  • How to fall safely
  • Stances and striking
  • Takedowns
  • Hold Escapes
  • Car Escapes
  • Lures and tricks
  • Scenario based training

JLD’s K.E.E.P safe program is designed specifically for younger children using anti abductions techniques incorporated into games and scenarios to ward off adult predators. We try and make a potentially scary subject fun and enjoyable while giving your child the confidence and skills to use in every day life. With ongoing support and advice to parents and loved ones.

The course is designed to an instructor child ratio of 1:6 possibly less depending on the age of the children. This is so your child gets the best learning experience. Bigger groups can be taught together but this ratio will be kept the same. All our instructors are fully trained with governing body recognised coaching qualification and CRB checked.

Child safety and abduction can raise high emotions in people and there are a lot of scary facts and statistics out there used by other companies to get you to buy their products. So I want to put your mind at rest and put a bit of perspective on the subject without scare tactics. Yes, the world is getting a scary place to live but the likely hood of a “stranger” successfully Abducting your child is extremely unlikely. Please note I’ve used the word stranger and successfully in that sentence because the statistics you see include family disputes, and attempted reports (which are still serious). But the most common reported abduction is by parents going through divorce were one parent takes the child away and the second is by someone known to the family.

So you might ask yourself why should I enrol my child into a program like this if the odds are so low. The simple answer is that the people who commit this type of crime pray on you when your weak and vulnerable so prevention is better than cure. Although the odds are low the alternative isn’t worth thinking about. It’s the same reason you teach your child to swim to give them the tools to react to a situation and make the best decision if presented with it.  As one of my students parents said to me “People play the lottery every week with worse odds, I’d rather invest in my Childs safety” which I thought was a nice sentiment if not a little emotional black mail for the people reading this. But it is a good point to finish on, do we take for granted that our children and loved ones are always going to be safe or do we try our best to do something about it? If you have any questions or need advice on this subject please don’t hesitate to contact me.

This page will be updated with information and advice as regularly as possible.


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