JLD 645 Split set workout

JLD 645 Split set workout

JLD 645 Split Set Workout

This is going to be a quick post about using split sets.  Split set are generally used once you feel you can’t get any more out from your full body workouts and need to break that workout up over 2 or more workouts so you can train harder with out going catabolic. This could be for a couple of reasons, to take your muscles to failure is taking longer than 40/60 minutes which is not an optimal workout. The other is the exercise’s you are using will put to much strain on your body if combined with other’s with your set and rep range. (Eg when you use Deadlifts in your work out with more sets). So all in all split sets are used to advance your workout so you can train harder and see more gains.

So back to the workout, you will notice this workout will have more sets per exercise than the full body workout. This is to spend more time focusing on each exercise as I mentioned earlier the whole point of split sets.  So this workout is called the JLD 645 because its 6 exercises for 5 reps and depending on the exercise you do between  3 or 5 sets.

The Exercise’s

  • Deadlift
  • Hack Squat or Squat
  • Clean and Shoulder Press
  • Bench Press
  • Bent over  row
  • Chin up’s

So I split these exercise’s over 2 training sessions as below and kept the exercise that work well with each other together. I found they worked well for me when I did this workout.

Session 1

  • Deadlift – 5 reps x 3sets
  • Hack squats – 5reps x 3sets
  • Clean and press  – 5reps x 5sets

Session 2

  • Chest press – 5reps x 5sets
  • Bent over rows – 5reps x 5sets
  • Chin ups – 5reps x 5sets

Hope you enjoy this workout and remember Strength and Conditioning makes you good at any physical activity where cardio makes you good at cardio (or running away. I couldn’t help but joke there 😉

But on a serious note it doesn’t matter who you are, your training program should have a mixture of Strength, Conditioning and Mobility.

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