The Kettlebell 10

The Kettlebell 10

The kettlebell 10 are the 10 exercise’s I started using when I first started training with kettlebells. These exercises get you use to holding the bell with different grips working with the bell above your head and working with the bell on the ground. These exercises can be easily modified to adjust to your fitness or skill levels (made easier or harder) and they can be used as both a strength work out or as metabolic workout while using a whole body approach.

If your goal is strength or you prefer training sets then you could do these exercise’s to your preferred rep range over 2/3 sets. If you prefer a shorter 20 minute workout you can do each exercise for a minute then a set exercise for each interval. Ie if you wanted to focus on working your ab’s you could do crunches for a minute after each exercise or if you’re more focused on cardio you could skip for a minute after each exercise. This is up to you and your goals.

I’ve set the exercises out so 1- 4 are kept below shoulder height 5-7 introduce you to working with the bell above your head and 8-10 are done on the ground. This is not an in depth guide into each exercise but an idea were to start when using kettlebells and plaining your routine and to show the adaptability of the kettlebell. Once you are proficient doing the exercises below on their own you can try and combined them as part of a routine.

This workout should be done with the same kettlebell but you may need to practice different exercises with different weights before you get them right. If you’re unsure how to do any exercises please make sure you speak to a professional or if checking on you tube make sure they are credible and please make sure you have fully warmed up before doing any exercise.

The Kettlebell 10

  1. The Kettlebell swing- This should be at the heart of any good kettlebell workout and the foundation on which you build on. When doing this exercise form is key so make sure you have chosen the correct weight for you. Once you are happy with your swing you could advance it by doing a single arm version and alternating sides this can be advance still by doing inside out swings.
  2. Sumo squat with Shoulder raise- This is a basic compound exercise that works your legs and shoulders. When doing this make sure you have the correct weight so your form is correct when doing the shoulder raise.
  3. Oblique swing- This can be quite difficult at first and again form is key. If you have trouble with this you can try and use a different weight bell if you have one. If not you can Modify this exercise and work your way up to it by starting with around the worlds (passing the kettlebell around your body) this will get you use to the twisting swinging motion without the sharp (plyometric) twist back.
  4. High pulls- This is an extension of the kettlebell swing and gets you used to pulling the weight in to your body without flipping the bell over like you do with the clean and press or snatch and is a good starting point before attempting those exercises.
  5. Curl, Press, Dip- This is a good exercise to introduce the Wide or Bell grip and also a good first exercise to get use to the bell being above your head as you have a solid 2 handed grip on the bell. Choose your preferred grip and start with the Bicep curl when at the top of the curl do a Shoulder press focusing on the bell at all times. When at the top of the press do a Tricep dip and then return back doing the eccentric part of each exercise.

(With all exercises were the bell goes above your head make sure your eyes are always on the bell.)

  1. Clean and Press- This exercise is good for getting you use to flipping the bell and one handed lift above your head. If you’re having trouble flipping the bell stick to your high pulls until you feel comfortable or use a lighter weight. If your unstable doing the shoulder press then leave it out or again practice with a lighter weight. Once you are comfortable with this exercise you can advance it by adding a windmill at the end of each press and maybe a jab if you’re using lighter weights before returning the bell back to the ground.
  2. Snatch with Lunge- The Snatch can be difficult to do and you will need to make sure your kettlebell swing is on form before attempting this. Start with a light weight until your form is correct. If you’re still having trouble put more focus and intent into your kettlebell swing and replace this exercise with and lunge with shoulder press until you’re happy to add the snatch into your work out. You can advance the snatch by trying to keep the bell bottom up which is more difficult than it seems.
  3. Russian Twist- This is the first of the exercise done on the ground and requires a bell or wide grip. Keep your back at 45 degrees to the floor with your knees bent feet flat and pass the bell from one side of your body to the other.
  4. Incline Chest press- This is done like a standard chest press but with your hips raised so your knees are at roughly 90 degrees so your supported by your shoulders. You grip the bell like you would after you’ve finished the clean so the bells on your forearm. Use your free arm for balance. The bell will end up above your head so make sure you keep your eyes on it at all times. If you have trouble with this try removing the incline until you feel comfortable with the exercise. To advance this you can try and do a half Turkish getup but be warned this needs focus so keep your eye on the bell at all times.
  5. Leg Curls- This can be done lying on your back with the bell being held out straight while doing the leg curls. If your arms start to ache then do the leg curls without the bell. If you want to advance this then do a straight arm pull over with the bell then hold it out behind your head without touching the floor when doing the leg curl.

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