Kettlebell Metabolic Pyramid Workout

Kettlebell Metabolic Pyramid Workout

Kettlebell Metabolic Pyramid workout

I’ve gone over the Pro’s and Con’s of HIIT’s (High intensity interval training) in the link below so take a look at that before trying this workout. This kettlebell work out is designed to increase you metabolic rate so you continue to burn fat at a higher rate hours after your workout (EPOC).

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This is a 20minute 5 exercise work out. That can be broken down in to 2 x10 minute work outs to make it easier if need be. I’ve used kettlebells for this routine but this can be done with most exercises. The routine is done by increasing the exercises between each rest period then once you have reach all 5 exercise you reverse the exercise order then decrease an exercise between each rest period after that, hence the pyramid. Each exercise is done for 30 seconds and each rest period is 30 seconds long. As I said earlier if you find this hard take a longer rest at the top of the pyramid then make your way back down. You can also reduce the weight you are using or just use your body weight depending on your ability. Form is key!!!!!

How to do this work out.

Make sure you have warmed up properly first. To make this a more effective workout you will need to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly with the correct form this is more important than reps.

The exercises I’ve choose for this will give a whole body approach, but I must admit my legs were sore the next day after I did it for the first time. This is great for Legs, Bums and Tums ladies. You can use a 30 second timer or download the free music track that goes with the workout. I’ve deliberately not put the exercise names on the track so you can use it with any exercises you want. But for this types of approach to work make sure they are big compound movements. With the download wait for the first chirp to start the first exercise then when the music goes quiet you rest, when the music goes loud again start from the first exercise then change the exercise on each chirps. Example of the download below. Please contact me for the full download as it was to big to put on here. It’s free with no strings just contact me for the link.



1.Double arm swing

2.Oblique swing

     3. Squat and shoulder raise

4.Alternating clean and press

5. Lunge and shoulder press


30 seconds each exercise

30 seconds rest

Up the pyramid

ex 1 rest ex 1-2 rest ex 1-2-3 rest ex 1-2-3-4 rest ex 1-2-3-4-5

Down the pyramid

rest ex 5-4-3-2-1 rest ex 5-4-3-2 rest ex 5-4-3 rest ex 5-4 rest ex 5

If you want to try a different version of this try the workout below.

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