Double kettlebell Strength workout

Double kettlebell Strength workout

Double kettlebell strength workout

I designed this work out to replace the bench and barbell workout I added previously when I needed the space indoors that the bench and weights were taking up and thought I might as well make more use of the kettlebell set because they weren’t cheap.  Which lead’s me to some pros and cons of kettlebell VS’s free weights for home training.

So you can get the same results training with kettlebells as you can with free weights as long as you exhaust your muscles correctly. So why use one type of training over the other.

Here are some Pro’s and Con’s

Cost -Kettlebells aren’t cheap and picking them up second hand is hard, were even brand a new bench and barbell are a lot cheaper in compassion.

Space- Kettlebells take up very little space, I have a set of 8 kettlebells and they line up along the skirting board or under my bed nicely, were as the equivalent barbell set takes up much more room.

Training environment- Kettlebells are easy to move around if you want to train in the garden or go over the park on a nice day were you really don’t have that option with the free weights.

Skill Set- Kettlebells are a lot harder to train with if you have not had any experience with them or weight training in general, were putting on some plates on a bar and lifting them takes a lot less skill.

Safety- Training on your own at home can be risky especially with heavy weights. There’s been plenty of times I’ve thought about that last rep when doing a bench press in case I can’t lift it. But this is the same for kettlebells when your swinging them above your head. Which moves on from the previous example make sure you have the proper training before swinging kettle bells around as you could do yourself an injury.

Hopefully that gives you something to think about when choosing how you want to work out.

So back to the work out

I was seeing some good gains using the bench and barbell workout and wanted to replicate this with my kettlebell training as at the time I was using the bench and barbell for my strength training and the kettlebells for a shorter 20 minute metabolic work out.

 When I do train with 2 bells I never use 2 the same weight this has the benefit of engaging your core more to off set the balance different. As I said earlier kettlebells are expensive so why buy 2 the same weight. This will mean alternating the bells each side for each exercise meaning you will have to do 2 or 4 sets. If you do have 2 bells the same weight this won’t be a problem.

As I said earlier this work out is to replicate the Bench and Barbell workout I previously added so click the link below to compare the exercise’s and see which one your prefer.


I’ve added this workout as a strength workout but it doesn’t have to be you can do this with lighter weights in the rep range you prefer.

The first two exercises are done with the single heavier bell of the 2 then the rest with 2 bells.

  1. Kettle bell swing
  2. Straight arm pull overs with leg raises
  3. Straight arm weighted sit ups
  4. Incline chest press
  5. Bent over rows
  6. Hack squats -Shoulder shrugs -Calf raises
  7. Clean and Press with alternating windmills

 There you go 7 combinations of exercises that will give you a full body workout

Thanks for reading, any questions please ask.

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