20 Minute Kettlebell Workout (with free download)

20 Minute Kettlebell Workout (with free download)

20 minute full body kettle bell workout

Cardio, Resistance and Core training in one.

Please note although this is a 20 minute workout you will need to warm up prior to doing this workout.

You can download the free printable PDF session plan with coaching tips by clicking the link below no need to go to the download page.


What you will need.

  1. A kettle bell that you can do the entire routine with
  2. A timer that beeps every 30 seconds for 20 minutes.
  3. A work out mat as exercise’s 14 to 20 are done on the floor.
  4. And most importantly the WILL TO WIN!!!!!!

(If you are new to kettle bell training I would take a minute and get some advice from someone who is qualified to use them on grips and form ect.  I will be covering this on my kettle bell videos series soon)

How do I do this work out and how does it work?

This work out works by using 3 solid training methods.

Cardio= A continuous 20 minute workout

Resistance training= The kettle bell provides a great resistance work out

Core Training= This work out and kettle bell training in general provide great core training when done properly. ( There will be coaching points on the download)

There are 20 exercises done for a minute each or 30 seconds a side continuously without rest. Some exercises are more demanding the others so pick your moments to catch your breath.

The Workout routine

  1. Figure of 8’s 30 seconds each way
  2. Squat with shoulder raise’s
  3. Single arm swings 30 seconds each arm (core engaged)
  4. Lunges with press alternate for a minute or 30 seconds each leg
  5. Push to knee 30 seconds each side
  6. Side bends alternate for a minute
  7. Curl, Press, Dip use wide grip
  8. Clean and press 30second each side
  9. Behind leg squats 30 seconds each leg
  10. Double arm swings
  11. Kettle bell hops
  12. Kettle bell dead lifts 30 seconds each side
  13. Lawn mower starts 30 seconds each side
  14. Chest press
  15. Half Turkish get up’s 30 seconds each side
  16. Push up with row 30 second each side
  17. Crunches
  18. Russian twist
  19. Hip raises with press
  20. Reverse leg curls

Congratulations and well done. ;0)

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