Full Body Workout with 7 Exercises

Full Body Workout with 7 Exercises

You can use this full body workout for any goal range, all you have to do is change the rep range you use and always work to failure. This will mean changing the weight lifted. Please remember always warm up before a work out and cool down after.

Strength gains = 4-6 reps

Hypertrophy (size) =10-12 reps

Endurance= 20-25 reps


  1.  Dead Lift
  2. Chest Press
  3. Seated/Bent over Row
  4. Standing Calf Raises
  5. Shoulder Press
  6. Assisted Pull Up’s
  7. Abdominal Curls *(with twist to engage oblique’s)

Muscles used in this full body workout.

Quadriceps, Gluteus maximus, Hamstrings, Erector spinae, Abductors (as a stabiliser), Adductors (as a stabiliser), Pectorals, Triceps, Latissmus dorsi, Rhomboids, Biceps, Gastrocnemius, Soleus, Deltoids, Trapezius, Rectus Abdominus,

Muscles not used in this workout.

Oblique’s *( add a twist on your ab curls or heel taps to engage you oblique’s)

Iliopsoas,(if you want to exercise this muscle you can add some lunges in at the end of your work out although bent over rows will engage this muscle)

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